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    Commercial Landscape
    We provide commercial landscape service , parking lot sweeping and porter service to Shopping Centers,
    Apartment Communities and Commercial Facilities in Orlando, Jacksonville and Merritt Island. .
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    Parking Lot Sweeping
    Dust Free Parking Lot Sweeping.
    Parking Lot Striping & Maintenance Services.
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    Day Porter PLUS Service
    Trash, Debris, Lighting and Pressure Washing
    We Keep Common Areas Clean!

Commercial Landscaping Services

The secret to low cost and attractive commercial landscape year round is the understanding of plants and site conditions. FS Property is a Florida Licensed General Contractor with years of experience and understanding in Florida commercial landscape maintenance and design. Insured and Bonded, our team will provide commercial property owners and commercial property managers with a complete design, build and maintenance suitable to project’s budget and site. Commercial Landscape Service:

Site Assessment

Our comprehensive Site Assessment is the absolute determining factor in our recommended commercial Landscape Design. In this first step we take the time to create a base map of the site and examine the site in detail. We observe and document the climate, soil, drainage, irrigation and other variables which will impact the future.

Budget Review

We understand that not all projects are funded equally so our recommendation and proposal will be relative to site improvement budget. FS Property will tailor the design and look to fit any budget...it's our YES WE CAN! approach to solving your commercial landscape needs.

Conceptual Design

Putting the ingredients together! In our Commercial Landscape Conceptual Design we develop a sketch visualization of the site overlaid by lawn, cut-outs for shrubs and trees including flower beds. Our sketch will provide our clients with a clear picture of where and how. In addition to the sketch(s) we provide a list of plant types and approximate sizes. Our designs always incorporate beauty, low maintenance and sustainability.

Design Plans & Permitting

FS Property is a Florida General Contractor which is licensed, insured and bonded. We have the ability to create and provide clients with Commercial Landscape and Irrigation Plans, and retrieve related permits. Being a General Contractor we can provide our clients an A to Z solution for Commercial Landscape and Irrigation.


Our Project Manager and skilled installation crew will insure the irrigations and landscape design is completed on time and as planned. We guarantee execution or you don't pay...it's that simple!


Maintenance is our Team’s passion. Our Green Team will provide year-round care for your entire commercial landscape. The FS Green Team is trained in lawn care, trimming & pruning, flower beds and fertilizing.

Parking Lot Sweeping

Our parking lot and garage sweeping services are designed to provide a consistent soil and debris free area. Our Sweep Team is trained and use Street Sweeper Vacuum Trucks, Blowers and Brooms to ensure that every corner and tight spot is clean. Our meticulous sweeping will improve your parking lot and parking garage image, the life of your black-top, parking lot striping and indoor flooring. Our parking lot and garage sweeping tools:

Vacuum Sweeping Truck

Our fleet of Vacuum Sweep Trucks provide parking lot debris removal using a dust free water jet system. We sweep dust free and clean shopping centers, apartment communities, malls, hospitals and commercial facilities. Debris and materials collected are removed from site and disposed legally.


Air Blower

Parking areas which are narrow or have low covers may require air blowing and removal of debris. FS Parking Lot Sweep Team is equipped with air blowers in addition to parking lot sweepers in order to provide a complete sweeping and debris removal in areas such as tight driveways, covered parking spaces, garages, breezeways and walking paths.


Sweeping and debris removal in certain situations my require manual labor using brooms, shovels and\or hand removal. Our broom clean service will remove debris and trash from any area both indoors, outdoors or construction site.

FS Commercial Property Maintenance Parking Lot Sweeping
FS Property Maintenance Day Porter Service

Day Porter


Common areas maintenance or “CAM” is the center of our focus. We believe that any success to maintaining commercial common areas begins with porter service. In addition to providing the porter services to our shopping centers and commercial properties, our porters are trained to inspect and oversee other common area needs and demands such as broken curbs, damaged signs, fallen trees and other common area critical needs. Our day porter service includes:

Common area visual inspection and awareness

WE CARE! The FS Day Porter Team provide awareness and communication to their assigned properties, Property Managers and Facility Managers. Our Team is trained to oversee potential risks, hazards, dependencies and critical situations. Our goals and achievements are to maintain a clean and presentable common area while reducing the daily risk to patrons and property owners.

Trash Cans

Trash Cans can represent a greater problem than simply overfill. Improper removal of trash and cleaning of trash canisters provides for health, aesthetics and CAM disputes. FS Day Porters provide trash and debris removal at any commercial common areas both indoor and outdoor including hand wiping related surface areas of trash cans.

Sidewalk and Parking Lot Debris

FS Day Porter Service includes and extended area which covers the removal of trash and debris from sidewalks, breezeways, stairways, parking lots, garages and other common area.

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing or Pressure Cleaning is available and provided upon request and upon demand. We provide hot or cold pressure washing, day or night. FS Property Pressure Washing Services are provided according to Property Manager’s or Facility Manager’s scope and schedule.


Commercial Property and Common Area Lighting is a necessity but the lack of lighting or lumen represent a risk to patrons and a potential liability for property owners. Our night and day service is trained to inspect the lighting conditions in all service areas. We will communicate and lighting failure and\or replace immediately restoring safe and proper conditions.

General CAM Cleaning

WE CLEAN! The FS Property culture and creed is clean and beauty. We provide commercial properties and facilities with a complete cleaning service. Indoors or outdoors WE WILL clean any space, surface or area. We clean tenant

Day Porters are the boots on the ground. In addition to cleaning and maintaining the aesthetic and sanitation of common areas, they take the time to inspect and communicate to Property Managers concerns and needs...they are the nerve center of our CAM service. .

Commercial Construction Services

FS Property and Construction is a Florida Licensed and Insured Contractor. Our construction services include tenant improvments in retail and commercial environmnets. Our comprehensive approach to each project, small or large, ensures a design and build per specification.

Tenant Move-Out

FS Property provides Tenant Move-Out and Commercial Space Cleaning. Our team will follow the Property Managment Checklist. In addition to cleaning FS Property can repair damaged walls, floors, ceilings, texture and painting thus restoring the retail or commercial space

Tenant Build-Out

FS Property and Construction provides a complete retail and commercial build-out solutions to tenants and property owners. We have the know-how and resources to provide for any Tenant Improvement scope. From conceptual design to Certificate Of Occupancy we provide a smooth and seamless construction services to new tenants and property owners.

Building Improvment & Remodel

FS Property and Constrcution is a Florida Licensed Contractor with years of experience in Retail and Commercial Construction. We understand that building improvments and building remodels are not created equal. Our approach begins with a complete and comprehensive study of the clients vision and conditions of strcuture followed by our Design and Build Construction Service.

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